Advantage functions

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 NetEase Enterprise E-mail is always making great effort  to ensure enterprise users’  information security  and  continuously  update  on  the  function.  Meanwhile,  by  the  way  of advanced  technology,  NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL  provides  the  most  comprehensive  and  convenient operating experience for users.
There are 3 main parts of NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL’s functions, administration platform, webmail, and clients.

1 Administration platform

Administration  platform  is  an  independent  website  that  the  enterprise administrators  can  login  to  manage  the  enterprise  system  information,  the employees’  accounts  information  and  so  on.  Ordinary  users  who  are  not administrators can NOT enter this platform. 

Main functions of  NetEase Enterprise E-mail administration platform:

l  Setting the basic information of your enterprise

It is convenient for you to upload your company logo, login page background, uniform footer, enterprise introduction, and the company announcement. All of the information  enables  your  enterprise  e-mail  fully  reflecting  the  personality  and professional, and is a part of your enterprise culture.

l  Department & Users management

Administrators  can  define  your  company  department  structures  and  edit
employees’ e-mail addresses, personal information, delete e-mail account and so

l  Enterprise address book

The department structures just like the tree branches and that is convenient for administrators  to  check  or  adjust  the  sequence  of  the  employees’  addresses under different departments. Additionally, administrators can set the using permit of the address book, download the address book and so on.

 l  Login IP limit

Administrators can limit someone’s login IP while adding someone into IP white-list. The former one can only login on the specified IP but the latter one is without influence. 

l  Group sending
Administrators can send e-mail to whole departments easily with choosing the departments’   names.   If   your   cooperation   has   a   lot   of employees   and administrators always NetEase Enterprise E-maild sending some notice, this function no doubt a good helper. 


l  Short message service (SMS)
The administrator can open SMS for employees. Users will receive messages showing senders, themes and time when they  receive new e-mails.  If a mobile phone is connected to internet, the user can login NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) mailbox by clicking on the link in the message. 

l  Multilevel administrators

This function allows the super administrator who is called  “admin” to set other administrators of different levels to manage the enterprise users. Besides admin,  there  are  other  2  kinds  of  administrators,enterprise  administrator  and department  administrator.  Obviously,  the  former  one  is  higher  who  can  set 

l  System log

System log is the function that records the system behavior automatically and objectively. There are 4 types of logs:

“Administrator  operation  records”  shows  all  the  administrators’ operation behavior on the platform such as adding a new department, deleting a user, and so on.

“User  login  records”  is  the  place  that  administrators  can  check  theusers’ login logs during the recent 3 months.

   In “e-mails statistics” administrators can check the amount of received  and sent e-mails of the whole company within 30 days.

“User status” shows users’ information by administrators’ choosing what they want to see, including users’ departments, capacities, last login time, and so on.