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NetEase Enterprise E-mail  webmail  is  the  mailbox  on  website  that  each  employee  uses  his  own account  (an e-mail address set by administrator) to login here realizing his daily work and communication.

Main functions of NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail:


It’s convenient for the users to check their own e-mail records, including login records, sending records in recent 7 days and receiving records in recent 30 days. It helps users to see these e-mails situation and instantly find out the isolated e-mails. 

   Full text search


NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail offers the full text search technology helping users to find out the target e-mail accurately and  quickly.

This advanced  search technology  was first provided  by  NetEase  in  e-mail  industry  and  it  can  search  the  key  word  even through the attachments. Additionally, the results of searching will be divided into different categories according to time, sender, and so on, and it is helpful for users. 

   Multi-language version

NetEase Enterprise E-mail not only  supports  simplified and traditional Chinese versions, but also provides  English  version,  that  is convenient  for  users  under  different  language environment. 




“Contacts” is also known as address book. NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail contacts are divided into enterprise part and personal part, the former one shows all the workmates e-mail addresses and the latter one is personal addresses collected by the user himself. 

   Personal net-disk (for the business version)


NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail business version freely offers a 1G net-disk for each user and is very helpful in daily work. It is large capacity for storing documents, and user can also build new folders to save the documents with different categories. 

   Extremely large attachment (for the business version)

The cloud technology offers each user transmission and storage of extremely lager attachments up to  2G.These attachments are saved in NetEase Enterprise E-mail cloud servers without taking the mailbox capacities of sender or receiver, and have no time limit by  continuing  renewal.  The  attachments  can  be downloaded  by  receiver  or anybody as long as he has got the download link. 

   E-mail Filter

E-mail filter can help users classifying e-mails. New e-mails will be dropped into different folders or rejected directly according to filter rules. There are 30 filter rules at most. It is helpful for classification and particularly efficient for the busy users who have plenty of e-mails.


   Advanced anti-virus setting

The advanced anti-virus setting is effective to guard against the risk of virus.


   Black/White list

Once  the  black/white  lists  are  set,  e-mails  will  be  rejected  or  received automatically according to the lists. 

   Auto forward

After  setting  auto  forward,  the  new  e-mails  will  be  transferred into  the specified address automatically. 

   Mail transfer

This function can be described as moving an entire e-mail box to another one and the user only NetEase Enterprise E-mailds checking one e-mail box to finish his work. By means of POP protocol, users can move all their own e-mails into NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail. 

   Secure e-mail

The e-mail can be added to a security code with 6 characters while sending. When the receiver is opening the secure e-mail, he should input the same code otherwise he can NOT read it.