NetEase Enterprise E-mail mobile mailbox

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Enterprise mobile mailbox is the client on the mobile phone. Besides pushing new e-mails to the phone, previewing attachments, and managing several different e-mail  accounts,  it  can  also  download  the  enterprise’s  address  book  and synchronize with the NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL webmail.

The main functions

   E-mails receiving and sending: Pushing the new e-mail to the phone instantly,previewing  attachments without download, and  offering group sending, CC and BCC.

   E-mail accounts management: Managing at most 8 different e-mail accounts simultaneously, such as,, and so on.
   Contacts backup: Users can download the enterprise address list into the cell phone and can also make a phone contacts backup in internet to avoid losing contacts information when the phone is lost.
   Dialog message: Offering mobile phone messages receiving and sending with  the  form  of  a  dialog,  which  is  convenient  for  the  users  to  read  and  reply messages.