NetEase Enterprise E-mail Smart Edition

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NetEase Enterprise E-mail  Mail-smart  version  of  webmail  for  the  iPad,  iPhone,  Android  users customized,  without  installing  software,  you  can  access  NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail  from  the built-in browser.

The main functions

   Easy to useWithout installing software, you can access NetEase Enterprise E-mail webmail from the built-in browser.

   New experience The new UI design highly matches the intelligent terminal, fresh and simple interface, sending and receiving mails easily.

   High speedUsing the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to enhance system performance.

   Save resourcesNo NetEase Enterprise E-maild to download the mails, save memory resources of the network traffic and intelligent terminal. 

NetEase enterprise flash-mail is a client just like outlook and is customized for NetEase Enterprise E-mail users. With the NetEase private e-mail protocol, the flash-mail accelerates the e-mail receiving and sending speed. It can be run in the circumstances of Win2000, WinXp, Vista, and Win7 systems.

The main functions:

   Synchronizing: NetEase private protocol and the IMAP protocol synchronize the  e-mails  with  NetEase Enterprise E-mail  webmail  and  the  enterprise  address  book  with  the company structures.

   E-mail  accounts  management:  Managing  at  most    200   different  e-mail accounts simultaneously, such as,, and so on.

   New e-mail reminding: Reminding the new e-mails to the user at the first time.

   Accurate searching: Searching the whole mail-box according to the keyword  through subjects, senders, time and other rules.