Professional solutions for some industries

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 NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL not only provides standard e-mail service for enterprise users, but also supplies professional solutions for some special industries. Today NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL has 2 kinds of system solutions, one is for negotiable securities and another is for government. Citizen E-mail and University E-mail are still under consideration.

1.Negotiable Securities E-mail System (NSES)

Because of the professional characteristics of margin financing and stock index futures trading, securities companies NetEase Enterprise E-maild an authoritative third part company to support their own business. The authoritative company must guarantee the safety of information transmission and keep all the historical trading records as the legal basis when necessary.
NSES  not  only  helps  securities  companies  sending  e-mails  safely  to  their customers  and  keeps  the  backup,  but  also  provides  a platform  on  which  the administrators can manage or check the information of their customers. With the excellent reputation of NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL, NSES is now served for 6 famous negotiable securities: GUOTAI  JUNAN  Securities,  HAITONG  Securities,  EVERBRIGHT Securities,  China Merchants Securities, GF Securities, and FOUNDER Securities.  

The characteristics of NSES:

   Objective 2 level domain

Being the third party outside the securities and their customers, NSES offers 2 level   domain   names   for   the   negotiable   securities.   For  example,   domain is for GUOTAI JUNAN Securities. It’s both justice for the securities and their customers.

   High authority for the administrators

The administrators of the negotiable securities can get back the customers’ accounts after they leave to avoid missing any information. Customers can only receive the system e-mails, but can neither transmit nor delete them. 
   Tracing e-mails

The administrators can check the e-mail diary to know whether the e-mails are received by customers or not, even be read or not. 

   Integrated system logs

The system records the whole operating logs of every customers’ accounts, that guarantees both the customers’ and the securities’ rights. The logs can be legal basis when necessary. 

2 Government Enterprise Bridge (GEB) 

GEB provides a convenient platform for government and enterprise. Just like a bridge of communication that enterprises can find out relevant departments (such as Local Taxation Bureau, Industrial & Commercial Bureau and so on) easily and government  can  send  useful  message  (such  as  laws,  regulations,  documents, questionnaires and so on) to enterprises directly.