Glories of NetEase Enterprise E-mail

时间:2013-02-20 15:51      作者: admin

 Since the formally established in  2009, NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL has received much praise from enterprise customers for its information security, system stability, the intelligent and efficient functions, and the perfect service.

   Jan, 2010, “Golden E-mail Prize of Best Technical Innovation” by China e-mail.

   Dec,  2010,  “The  Most  Popular  Enterprise  Service  in  Guangdong”  by MIITPRC  (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R .C .) and GDSME  (Guangdong council for the development promotion of small & medium enterprises).

   Dec, 2010, “The Outstanding Contributor of China 2010 Business Image Building”  by  Chinese  Culture  Managing  Association,  China  Marketing Association, and China Brand Association.

   Jan,  2011,  “The  favorable  Brand  of  Shanghai  International  Financial Elites”.

   Jan,  2011,  “The  Most  Influential  E-mail  Products  in  2010”  by  China e-mail.

With the principle of offering the best service for customers, NETEASE ENTERPRISE E-MAIL will make continuing efforts to do better!